Gardeners’ Market Service Opportunity

Each year we are asked and a number of Upper Schoolers have generously volunteered to help out with a worthy cause.  The Garden Education Center of Greenwich (GEC) is celebrating their 50th Annual “May Gardener’s Market,” and they need a few good men.  Last year our Seniors took on this project and did a great job, but we’ll open this opportunity to anyone who is interested in helping.

    Here are the details.  If you can help, email me as soon as possible so I can assure them they can count on us:

    1. To help set up for the event on Friday afternoon, May 6th, the GEC needs 6 men to help with tables, signs and red wagons, after dismissal for 3 hours.

    2. To help break down the GEC needs 4 men Saturday afternoon May 7th, AFTER 2 PM for 3 hours, OR 4 men on Monday May 8th after dismissal, also for 3 hours.

    If you’d like to help, but can’t do a full three hour shift, let me know when you can help and we’ll set up shifts.

    Thank You!

    - Mr. P.

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