The community service program provides students with opportunities to learn from others whose experiences differ from his own in each division. This program differs in each grade level and encompasses projects that bring students into direct contact with the people they serve. Below, read on for information about our community service programs in the Upper, Middle and Pre & Lower Schools.

Upper School Community Service

The ninth grade works at a food pantry; the tenth grade helps with homework and plays with children who reside at Kids In Crisis; eleventh graders tutor at a school in Stamford; and, the seniors read to children at an elementary school in town. Two aims of the community service program are to develop in students a desire toward personal sacrifice in service to others, and to encourage students to develop a commitment to helping those in need. Additional community service opportunities are organized through the Key Club. Students sign up to work on various projects and, after accumulating 10 hours of service, they become members of the Key Club.

An annual tradition, Upper School Community Service Day begins with each Upper School advisory goes to a location to spend several hours working with clients at day care, nursing homes, rehabilition facilities, doing local yard work projects or raising funds for the needy.

Middle School Community Service

The Middle School has a vibrant and fully engaged community service program. During an all-school community service day, students work with over twenty-eight sites in the area, from soup kitchens to pre-schools to senior centers, providing real solutions to common problems. Although the eighth grade is the most fully developed program, going out to their sites every month,  grades five through seven adopt a community service site and send advisories out on a regular basis.  In addition, the Middle School has recently initiated a program offering worthwhile opportunities for students to participate in local community service projects including Adopt-a-Dog, the Audubon Society, and Family Centers on seven Friday afternoons during the school year. Each student in the Middle School will thus have extended opportunities to serve the community, reaching out to the world beyond Brunswick.

Pre and Lower School Community Service

Informed by a mission that encourages us to “develop in each student a sense of responsibility to himself, to the school community and to the greater society,” Pre and Lower School students participate in service learning and volunteer opportunities throughout their elementary school experience. Within our community, fourth graders are paired with first grade boys to act as mentors and friends in our Big Brother Program. In the same vein our second graders act as “play buddies” to our Pre-Kindergarten boys, and third graders become “reading buddies” with our Kindergarteners.

Focusing their attention to serve the community at large, Pre and Lower School boys brighten the days of the elderly at senior citizen centers or they visit a local Head Start program. Lower School-wide service projects involve all children who choose to participate. Led by our Student Council, students conduct bake sales, book swaps and food and clothing drives for the needy. Even the youngest Lower School boys participate in a beach clean up at Greenwich’s Tod’s Point.  Students at every level are encouraged to reflect upon their service learning experiences and internalize the joy of giving. They are constantly asked to develop a sense of appreciation and responsibility for others.

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