Community Service at Brunswick is designed to give the boys first-hand experience concerning the needs in our surrounding area.   By exposing the boys to the authentic struggles of others and enabling them to build relationships with individuals of different socio-economic backgrounds, of different genders, and from school communities working to get by, we teach the boys that their presence can make things happen.   Yet their ability to build relationships will make the greatest impact.  Most recently, our boys are servicing the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, Edison School in Port Chester, Inspirica, Waterside School, Eagle Hill, The Carver Center, MidNight Run in New York City, Neighbor-to-Neighbor, Promise World Wide in India, JBFC in Africa.

By committing time and energy in selfless ways, our boys are learning to put the needs of others in front of their own.  It is our hope that the boys will have positive experiences by serving the community.  By getting to know the people involved in these many organizations, our boys are developing more than just character, they are leading the charge for a more empathetic tomorrow.  We will continue to place community service as a major piece in the development of the Brunswick Boy.

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